The Sims 3 Addenbrooke

Description: Large world with city surrounded by enormous countryside containing farms, villages and beaches.

Creator: Shangrii

Stage: Beta

01-sims-3-world-adventures 02-sims-3-ambitions 03-sims-3-late-night 04-sims-3-generations 05-sims-3-pets 06-sims-3-showtime 07-sims-3-supernatural 08-sims-3-seasons 09-sims-3-university 09-sims-3-island-paradise the-sims-3-into-the-future

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Custom Content: Yes, separate download required.

“150 years ago, a meteor struck Addenbrooke turning a small sleepy town into a bustling city almost overnight. Tradition has been replaced with technology, and only a few rocks seem to remain of the sacred place Addenbroke used to be. 

Although seen as a freak accident, ancestors of the original townsfolk, and adventurous newcomers believe a stranger truth; that it was not a meteor at all, but an invasion. There have always been crop circles and other weird occurences in Addenbrooke, but that was all just rubbish… wasn’t it? “


To see more images and download the world, visit Shangrii’s Sims 3 Forum Post.


To see more images and download the world, visit Shangrii’s Sims 3 Forum Post.

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Custom Content

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World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, Into the Future


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