Brooklyn Heights



  • The Sims 3 Brooklyn Heights

    Description: This large city does have a suburbia – something that was lacking in Bridgeport.  Sunshine and lots of space!

    Creator: MySimRealty

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    Welcome to Brooklyn Heights, a bustling city that also offers a more quiet suburbia for sims to enjoy.  If your two top complaints about Bridgeport were the lack of family housing and the gloomy atmosphere, you will definitely enjoy this world!  Besides plenty of family homes, parks and places to go, this city also offers a brighter and happier place to be.  This world has several lots that are empty and named “Reserved.”  This was simply so that making future lots would be easier so feel free to just edit these lots as you see fit and make them whatever you see fit!

    Find out more and download the world (several versions are available if you do not have all the required expansion packs) at MySimRealty.

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