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  • The Sims 3 Mayfield Springs

    Description: Large lively town nestled near the foot of a mountain and its river

    Creator: Ryph

    Stage: Finished



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    screenshotMayfield_6 screenshotMayfield_7

    Mayfield Springs

    Since April 2013 I’ve been working on the world of Mayfield Springs. Without any CAW experience in the past I started to build a world with the aim to create something that features every important aspect of every expansion pack that was added to The Sims 3. The world became bigger and bigger, because I really wanted to add every necessary feature, but it was totally worth it. And because of its large variety in lots, the world also contains lots of different Sims and styles and that’s something what can make the world more (and longer) fun I think. That’s at least something I realized while tested the world and why I really like the world how it turns out to be. Hopefully you’ll all like it too!

    One last thing is that, because I built the world myself, it’s a bit hard for me to make a neutral review, so instead I’ll just give you a quick summary of the word itself and its features. 😉


    Size: 2048×2048 (largest)

    Height: 300 (heighest)

    Community lots: 66
    Residential lots: 86

    Sims: 113

    Pets: 28


    screenshotMayfield_9Screenshot-88 Screenshot-89Screenshot-91Screenshot-104Screenshot-105 Screenshot-106

    The town center
    On these screens you’ll find the center of the town. Like most CAW towns this was the first part of the town I built. It was even more than a year ago, I think, that I started on the lots. This place features, as you can see, the main rabbit holes and some of the main community lots. The style I used there is pretty straightforward I think, so this isn’t going to be the most special part of the town, but it supplies a good foundation for the rest. Around the center I built the more ‘normal’ styled houses you’ll find in Mayfield Springs devided in several different communities. Like I said, they don’t really feature a specific style, but they’re mostly just some basic, mainly cheaper, family houses that will be suitable for a lot of players who don’t like the other prestyled houses. And lastly you’ll find a little industrial side at the lakeside. That neighborhood mainly contains the ‘poorer’ bars and clubs, but it’s a good alternative to the richer lounges and other stuff at other places of the town.Screenshot-81Screenshot-83 Screenshot-85Screenshot-86 Screenshot-87Screenshot-90Screenshot-103Screenshot-60Screenshot-61 Screenshot-111Screenshot-62Screenshot-58Screenshot-59

    Shopping district
    This is a kind of a shopping district, I never knew why I called it this way, the area just looked like one even though The Sims 3 doesn’t even feature shops (except the consignment store), and the second neighborhood I added to the town. It features most of the important community lots in the world. Mostly the ones from Ambitions, but also some from other expasion packs. I decided to give it a completely different look and style than I used in the ‘older-looking’ town center, to give the town again some diversity. But despite that, I think it still fits really well into the rest of the world.
    Next to it is another small modern neighborhood. Here is where some of the celebrities live, but that’s something you’ll discover quite fast when you play in the world.Screenshot-63Screenshot-64 Screenshot-65

    The horse farm community
    In this part of the town you can find a little horse farm community. The neighborhood is, as you probably already guessed, mainly focused on the Pets expansion pack and especially horses. All lots feature a country style to fit in the community and give it something unique from the rest of the town. Although it wasn’t my favorite style to use, the houses still fit really well into the world and give it again some more variety.Screenshot-94

    The ‘poor’ neighborhood
    Here is located the ‘poor’ part of the town. Right from the start I really wanted such kind of neighborhood in the town, but I had no idea how to add that into the world, because I was too afraid that they would become too isolated from the rest of the town because it doesn’t really match well with any other style I used. Despite that fact, I just added them to the town at this place without many other houses around it, so that the constrast with the rest of the houses wouldn’t become too large and I think that turned out to be a good decision.Screenshot-77Screenshot-78 Screenshot-79

    The vineyard
    Here, at the very end of the town, is located another farming community. This one, however, is more focused to be a vineyard or something. Everything here looks also a lot richer the other farming neighborhood. The community doesn’t have many lots, but it features the nectary and two ports. It’s still one of my favorite neighborhoods of the world.

    Screenshot-96 Screenshot-100Screenshot-108

    The ‘rich’ neighborhood
    As the counterpart of the poor side of the town is here the rich part of the town. It features three modern villas and they all have a beautiful scenery around them. Two of the villas are occupied by families and both of that families include solely celebrities.

    Screenshot-97Screenshot-98 Screenshot-102Screenshot-75Screenshot-76 Screenshot-112Screenshot-110Screenshot-72Screenshot-73Screenshot-70 Screenshot-71

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    1. Dawn Goraj

      I downloaded this world and i absolutely love it! I do not have supernatural that is the only expansion I am missing and I have no clue what got taken out of the town as a result from it but I don’t feel like i’m missing anything at all its beautiful big and super nice. Thank you for creating this world.

    2. Liz

      This world looks stunning! I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I probably will. I’m just scared my laptop can’t handle it… I’ll give it a try anyway and really hope that it is what I expect.

    3. Hazal

      Hi, I don’t know if I can thank you enough for creating such an awesome world! Thank you so, so much for putting this much effort to it. So grateful that you letting us download it freely! Bless you.

    4. Peyton

      I really think this world is super cool and I really enjoy how there are different communities, however I was very disappointed to find a weird animation at the bottom of my screen right when I started playing that world. It is not my game, for this has never happened with other downloadable worlds. It looks like a sort of rain going on at the corners of my screen. :0 Hopefully this solution gets fixed! I really want to play on this world! If you have any tips for me to fix this, that would be greatly appreciated!

    5. Jocelyn

      This is my favorite world because it has everything and it is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Thank you for this and I hope to see more from you!

    6. Angelette1

      Beautiful world!!!! You did a great job on it!!! Thank you!!!!

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