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  • Lord Of The Rings world / Middle Earth for Sims 3

    IMPORTANT: This is a beta! So please click here to find the original post in order to get the latest available download link.

    Become the rising ruler of the Middle-Earth realm, or live as a humble woodelf in the great forests of Middle Earth or even live the rural life of a hobbit in The Shire.

    We’re so pleased to be able to share this world with you and we would love to see pictures from your gameplay!

    You MUST have the following in order to run this world:

    ➤ Expansion packs: Pets, World Adventures, Supernatural
    ➤ Store packs: None
    ➤ CC: A bit. All custom content included with the download.

    Remember! This is a BETA and not the finished version of Middle-Earth.
    ➤ There are no tombs in the BETA version
    ➤ The residential lots are all unfurnished but the community lots are furnished
    ➤ Please report to us if you find any errors and bugs! This will be corrected in the ALPHA version
    ➤ The BETA version doesn’t contain any rabbit rugs, workplaces or schools

    Download the world:  / 

    Additional information

    Downloads 2334

    Custom Content

    Contains CC

    Sims 3 Expansion Packs

    World Adventures, Pets, Supernatural


    1. Robert Schulte

      both download links say redirect failed is this no longer available?

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