New York City



  • The Sims 3 New York City

    Description: Large world based on New York City in the USA.

    Creator: Daniel

    Stage: Finished

    01-sims-3-world-adventures 02-sims-3-ambitions 03-sims-3-late-night 08-sims-3-seasons

    Custom Content: Lots (separate download required)

    You can find out more and download the world by visiting The Sims 3 New York Blogspot by Daniel. If you already have the world, share your thoughts and give it a rating!


    Additional information

    Downloads 3305
    Custom Content

    Contains CC

    Sims 3 Expansion Packs

    World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Seasons


    1. Brea

      Can u play pets on New York City it would be so much fun pleas awnswer if you know ,thankyou

    2. Brea

      This world looks so cool I wan move here in sims with my dog from Los Angeles in sims 3 but it says u can only have the packs world advanture , Ambitons ,late night and seasons I have all of those insepedt ambitions but I was wondering if u could play pets to pleas awnswer if u can thanks

      • admin

        Hi Brea! The expansion packs mentioned are just the minimum requirements, it will still work if you have extra ones. If you don’t have Ambitions, it will still work but some items won’t appear. It’s worth giving it a try anyway as it’s free, so you don’t have anything to lose 🙂

    3. Brea

      So pleas awnswer if u know thankyou

    4. Nadia

      Hello, I actually have a question before downloading! Are the lots actually playable? Particularly the skyscrapers, or in general most of the buildings in the picture(I’ve actually downloaded worlds where most of the lots aren’t playable and it just overall sucks). And how bad does the world lag? I have a gaming laptop, though I have encountered large worlds that come out entirely unplayable from the amount of cc, such as Barcelona.

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