Red County



The Sims 3 Red County

Description: Los Angeles inspired world with large downtown, suburbs, seaside town and farming communities.

Creator: Coasterboi

Stage: Complete


World AdventuresAmbitions

Custom Content: Yes -included in download. (Custom weather and lighting is used for this world)

Populated: Yes

A coastal reigon in Southern California dominated by a growing suburban metropolis. Along the coast is home to affluent beach communities with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Further inland are gated communities complete with golf courses and upscale shopping centers. Doesn’t get more Californian than Red County!

You can find out more about the world on Coasterboi’s original forum post here. If you like this world, you may also like Los Aniegos by the same creator.

Red County is a Californian themes worlds based on the city of Los Angeles and is the predecessor to Los Aniegos.

This item has been archived.

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Custom Content

Contains CC

Sims 3 Expansion Packs

World Adventures, Ambitions

World Population


  1. bogi

    the isnt any sims on this world…

    • admin

      Hi Bogi,

      Thank you for reporting this, we have removed the incorrect ‘Populated’ tag from the page 🙂

  2. Carla

    Is necessary use Unblock?

  3. Kamie

    Do I have to have the expansion packs needed for me to use this world? If so, what will happen if I download this world without the expansion pack needed?

  4. Gloria Washington

    I really like this world, but it’s unplayable. It crashes every 5 min. I have the required expansions packs to run this world. My computer is windows 7, so what could I be doing wrong with this world?

  5. Tayla

    it wont download

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