• The Sims 3 Setra

    Description: Modern Egyptian seaside city with sprawling suburbs and surrounding sandy hills.

    Creator: Pyronium3

    Stage: Finished

    01-sims-3-world-adventures 02-sims-3-ambitions 03-sims-3-late-night 04-sims-3-generations 05-sims-3-pets

    Custom Content: None

    “Many would think Egypt is a place of relics and ancient history, but these days you’ll find that there’s more than antiquity. A modern paradise has risen from the sands. With the use of state of the art technology and the funding of the richest Sims, Setra was founded. Among the ancient pyramids of old now lies a Modern settlement, welcoming all who are drawn to its gleam.”

    Visit Pyronium3’s post at the Sims 3 Forum to find out more and download the world.


    File size: 101 MB

    Map size: Largest

    Map height: Highest

    Lots: 131

    Residential: 82

    Community: 49

    Empty: 18

    Rabbitholes: All

    Sims: 92

    Pets: 24

    Spawners: All basegame ones + expansion spawners. No WA spawners.


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    Sims 3 Expansion Packs

    World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets


    1. Gloria Washington

      I really would love to play this world but, the middle of the buildings are missing. I have all the expansion packs.

    2. Lianne

      So I’m building on a lot in this world, and then i noticed that the trees in the world arent in the catalog… The “tree shrub” really looks like the same, but it isn’t and i’m very annoyed by this….

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