• The Sims 3 Wailenburg

    Wailenburg is a large world with a lot of empty lots, and a lot of residential lots.

    This world  requires World Adventures because I used WA grass for the world, and I do not know how the world will render if you don’t have World Adventures.

    There is only one known issue for the world, and it is a very simple fix.

    Issue: When you place a house (not build) from your bin to a lot, your lot may have concrete paint about 5 squares in. Because, I painted in the gaps between the roads and lots in CAW, I then painted the lot with grass (which is the first World Adventures grass). Keep in mind, the grass for the rest of world, not on lots, is World Adventures grass. When you place a house on a lot, the grass I painted onto the lot goes reverts to default (the concrete). This does not occur if you build the house.

    Fix: Very simple. Just enter build mode and paint the grass (the first World Adventures grass texture is the best match) over the concrete. You will have to do this with every house you place. You do not have to do this with houses you build.

    This world is not populated.

    +When you download this world it will be titled “Wailenburg County”.


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