Elementals Academy



The Sims 3 Elementals Academy

Welcome to Elementals, an Academy for your ordinary children! We allow everything but humans to our school! We accept Werewolves, vampires, fairies and last but not least, Witches and wizards!

So.. this is still a work in progress project of mine. There are still a lot of bugs that I try to fix, so yeah. Im trying to create a academy for all those supernatural kids and teens, Inspired by Hogwards, of course 😀


This is the world of Elementals. It’s fully decorated with all the little details, so if something is missing, please write it in the comments and i’ll look into it. It can be really buggy when it’s time to go to school. So i’m busy reducing the amount of students so everyone can go to the building.

The academy is in the middle of the woods with the little pad toward the building. The academy is surrounded by four little lots. Those are the houses of the students. One of them is the house of the werewolves. Those kids have brown univormes. The second house is the house of the fairies and those students have the green univorm. The third house is the house of the wizards and those have the blue/white univormes and the last house is the house of the vampires and they have the red/black univorme.


so… Like i said before. this is my first project ever and my first time uploading something on this side, so I need a little bit of help here. So please, help me out! If there is something wrong, please comment on it! Oh, and sorry for my english. Im not a native english speaker!


until I figured out how to upload a whole word, here’s the download link for the save files! Have in mind that this includes A LOT of CC!


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  1. Alex


  2. Corvin

    Is there a way to have the World now?
    I can’t Access the Savegame and would really want to Play it…

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