Enchanted Forest



The Sims 3 Enchanted Forest

When your steps lead you into the sleepy valley of Enchanted Forest, there’s opening a world
what you visit last time when you were in your  childhood bed, and your mother told you that certain fairytales. There, far from the modern world’s noise Heroes are born and Villains are rising. The vast contrary between these two worlds dominated by the two queens’ tireless hostility.Will the newcomer sims tread the Light’s exultant path, or take a position by the Dark worlds, when these two roads are branching?

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Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise


  1. Cheribomb

    This is a very beautiful little town. My only problem with it is that all the description here is on english, and the town name is english, so I expected the world to be written in english as well…. But it’s not. All buildings and such doesn’t have any english descriptions or names, making it a little bit hard to navigate the world

  2. domonyikgabor

    I’m glad to see you like this world.
    In Hungary, the official worlds’ names are English (except Sunlit Tides and Dragon Valley). I don’t know why, but they are. Everything else were translated in the game.
    The description at this site is English beacuse the site is English too, and everyone can understand the attitude of this world.
    If you still have problem to navigate, I can help with the houses. E.g. “XY – 3HSZ/1FSZ” means this house has 3 bedromms and 1 bathroom.

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