Suva Diva



The Sims 3 Suvadiva Resort

Description: Luxury holiday resort island in the Maldives.

Creator: Nilxis

Stage: Finished


Island Paradise

Custom Content: None

Populated: No

“Suvadiva Resort is a tourist complex located in the Maldives Islands. It has been designed to ensure the perfect holidays for your Sims, so you’ll find beaches, pools, diving lots, resorts, etc. It’s ideal for relaxing and enjoying the water activities. Come now and enjoy your holidays in this Indian Ocean paradise!”

To find out more and download the world, visit Nilxis Designs.

To find out more and download the world, visit Nilxis Designs.

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Island Paradise

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  1. Alexandra

    This world needs a bit of cc but the rest it is amazing

  2. Cat

    The world itself is really tiny and definitely designed to be something for relaxed and ‘vacation’-like gameplay. There are no streets, so don’t expect to see taxis. This also means that maids won’t be able to arrive because no street = no place to park the housekeeping service car.

    Outside of that, it looks gorgeous and the custom diving lots are really neat. The houses are well-designed, and cost more than a starting budget, so a freshly made sim won’t be able to move in there without cheats.

  3. Topaz

    I love Nilxis worlds… 😀

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