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  • Make sure the main image gives people a clear indication of what your creation is, as this will be the only image they see in the catalog search.
  • Upload as many images to the Image Gallery so people can see more of your creation.
  • In the content description, don’t forget to add a link to your site or blog so people know where you find you. You can also use this section to add more images, descriptions or videos.


  • Do not upload other’s creations and claim it as your own. Unless you have permission from the original creator, you must always give credit to them.
  • Do not upload links to illegal downloads (e.g. pirated EA Store content)
  • Do not link to sites that do not have a download link.


If you are unsure as to how fill out the form below, you can read these guidelines or contact us. If you can’t find an appropriate category for your creation, you can request a new category be created here.